So you’ve just had new sod put down. You might be living in a brand-new home and laid it over a dirt lot (and in that case, congratulations on your gorgeous new home!). Or you might have had existing turf that had so many issues it was beyond repair and you had no choice but to start over. Whichever scenario you’re in, you’ll want to take extra good care of this new, delicate sod so you don’t damage it.

Good-N-Green has some tricks to ensure your lawn is lush, green, and healthy. We provide the full gamut of landscaping services, lawn care and maintenance, tree pruning and planting, and more! Contact us to let us know how we can serve you.

The First Day

The first couple of days after your grass is installed are critical to your lawn’s health. Proper hydration is key, so you’ll follow a watering schedule that’s more rigorous up front, and will then slow down once the roots have been established.

Turn on your sprinklers within half an hour after the new sod is planted, and apply about 1” of water. This will help alleviate some of the stress from transplanting and encourage new root growth. Do not walk on your lawn or allow pets on it at all.

The First Week

Your watering schedule for the first week will be half an hour in the morning and half an hour in the evening. Keep an eye on the weather, and if you’ve had enough rain to replace one or both of those times, go ahead and pause your sprinkler system to avoid overwatering. Continue to keep people and pets off the lawn during this time.

The Third Week

By now you can allow pets and people to walk across the yard, but be cautious of any seams of sod that might stick up and cause a tripping hazard. Sometimes the soil underneath the grass can be quite soft, which can also be dangerous. This is about the time you can start mowing your lawn, and you’ll probably be excited to get out there and take the mower for a spin with all the growth! As far as watering goes, continue the morning and evening schedule.

The Fourth Week

You can start backing off on the watering at the end of the fourth week and get on a regular watering schedule. Be sure to check with your city’s laws or HOA if you have one to make sure you’re following the watering rules—don’t ruin the excitement of a fresh-looking yard with a citation or fine!


You don’t have to worry about fertilizing your turf that first month, but once that first month is over, you’ll want to talk to Good-N-Green about the types of fertilizers and a schedule that will work best for your soil, grass, and yard. We can come up with just the right solution for you to ensure your lawn has a long, healthy life!

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