Your lawn frames your home, and the greener it is, the more beautiful your entire property looks. You want to keep it lush, healthy, and a lovely shade of emerald ideally, and when you have brown spots on your lawn, even the smallest patches can make your property look rundown. You might have tried fertilizers from your local home improvement center or watering the heck out of those spots to no avail. The key is that you need to get to the root cause of the problem in order to treat it correctly.

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Here are five likely reasons your lawn is looking a bit drab.


Thatch is decomposing materials under the roots of the grass, such as plant debris, roots, and decayed stems. This is an issue you can’t see from the surface, and until you dig a little beneath, you won’t know for sure if that’s your issue. Here’s how you do it. Find the brown spot and dig down about two inches. Healthy lawns will have roughly 3/4″ of thatch between the grass and the soil. Any more than that, and you’ve got an issue and it needs to be removed. You can try to do this yourself, or contact Good-N-Green to help you take care of it.


If you notice irregular purple and brown spots throughout your lawn that you know aren’t related to pets doing their duty, the cause could be fungus. Check the blades of glass closely, and you’ll see spots on the blades themselves. Those spots are fungus, and they will make their way toward the roots. You can avoid fungus by watering less, but if you’re in the midst of a particularly wet season, you’ll likely have to have the lawn treated.


Mowing your lawn is crucial to keeping your yard looking well-groomed and neat. However, if you’re trying to cut down on the number of times you have to get the mower out by lowering the blades, you’re doing more harm than good. The height of your blades will be determined by the species of grass you have, so do a quick search online for your correct mower blade height.


This is going to require closer inspection. You’ll need to take a handful of grass, uproot it, and take note of a few things. First, does the browner grass pull out much more easily than the greener grass next to it? If so, it could be because bugs are eating away at the roots. And do you see evidence of bugs? If you’re pretty sure bugs are the issue, you’ll need to contact us to take care of them.


Small dead spots on your lawn are likely from a pet doing its duty. The salt concentration in the urine is a sure way to kill grass, so the best way to revive growth is to wash away the salts. You can plant grass seed to encourage new growth.

When you have brown spots on your lawn, give Good-N-Green in Port Charlotte a call today!