As all you Floridan residents likely know by now, we can take quite a beating from storms! One of the big forces of nature that comes from hurricanes is wind, which can be devastating to everything in its path. Learn how you can take a few precautions and protect your plants from wind damage to either reduce or prevent destruction.

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Ready to learn more about protecting your landscaping from wind damage? Read on!

Build a Windbreak

Building a windbreak is a long-term solution and one that’s more permanent other options. But it’s one that, over the long run, will be beneficial in many ways. A windbreak can reduce the effects of wind for six times the height of the fence, so if you have an eight-foot fence or line of trees, you will have protection for up to 48 feet. You can build one in the form of a fence or wall, depending on the overall aesthetic of your yard.

Keep Them Watered

Winds can really dry out the plants and soil, and even if you gave your garden and landscaping a good soak, high winds can dry them out quickly. Even if the weather is awful, you need to make it a priority to give them lots of water during times of high winds. Cooler temperatures are especially brutal when combined with wind, but your extra diligence will pay off! Mulching will help to keep that water in the soil, too.

Protect Your Plants

Cover up plants with burlap or plastic tarps to keep the delicate limbs and leaves from being damaged. What you cover them with and how will depend a lot on what it is you’re covering, but the extra research you put into it will make a difference.

Tree Watering

Watering your trees too much will not encourage the roots to grow deep. Deeper roots are needed to prevent trees from being uprooted, so it’s important to pay attention to how much you water year-round. Encourage your tree’s roots to penetrate the soil in search of more water.

Tree Pruning

Before hurricane season begins, it’s important that you call up your local landscaper to schedule a tree pruning. Landscaping companies in Port Charlotte, like Good-N-Green, will know how to treat your trees so they’re in good shape. If you are unfortunate and end up suffering damage, call your local landscaper right away. They will trim dangerous branches, and if needed, safely cut down the tree and grind the stump.

Hurricane season, as well as windy times of the year like March, can mean heavy winds and damage to your landscaping. Take preventative measures to protect your native green landscape, and contact Good-N-Green to take care of your needs before and after a storm.

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