Native landscaping is important to sustaining the world around us, but you might not consider its benefits. At Good-N-Green, we are specialists in native Florida landscaping and are dedicated to providing sustainable plants to our residents. Read on to learn more about why native green landscapes are so critical to the ecosystem.

Attracts Native Species

Native trees and plants sustain the circle of life critical to the area they’re in. For one, they attract the right number and species of the critters at the bottom of the food chain, which, in turn, feeds birds and larger predators. Even a small difference in this chain can cause a huge difference in an area, so when a tree can’t attract enough bugs, the birds aren’t able to eat as much, and many won’t survive.

Reduces Invasive Plant Species

Plants that don’t belong in an area can overtake other native species. While you might love the exotic bush or grass you’ve planted, its behavior can turn a bit sinister. It can lead to a die-off of the native plants that are responsible for reducing erosion, won’t attract the right bees and butterflies, and won’t be able to sustain the other species. Many other aspects can be affected, including water runoff, streams and rivers, and more.

Conserves Water

When you plant something that’s not native to the area, you’re going to have to put a lot more resources into keeping it alive. For example, if you live in a desert climate and plant a hibiscus, which is native to rainforest climates, you’re going to have to water it an incredible amount to keep it alive. This wastes a massive amount of water, to say the least! Now, imagine what this looks like if you have an entire lawn that’s not native to Florida. Additionally, if your area suffers a drought, native species will prove to be hardier through this time. Planting native grasses and plants will save you water and money.

Naturally Pest Resistant

Plants have the ability to attract critters, but also have the ability to repel them. Bugs, rodents, and other creatures can also be alien species to an area, so when they can’t find the foods they like to eat or are repelled by the native plants, they will not thrive in the area they’re alien to.

What Can You Do?

First, start with your local extension office to see which plants are native to your area and which ones are not. You can decide from there which plants to eliminate from your area. Next, contact your local landscaper, especially one who specializes in native green landscapes like Good-N-Green. Your landscaper can help you remove the plants that won’t work in your yard and create the best design for installing new ones. He or she can also show you the best techniques for caring for your new plants to ensure they live the longest, lushest life possible.

Good-N-Green is a specialist in native green landscapes, and is your place to go for landscaping companies in Port Charlotte. To get started, contact us today!