Ever shy away from having people over because your yard is:

  1. Full of dead grass and trees, and possibly some furniture that hasn’t been replaced since the Cold War
  2. A mess of tangled trees and bushes that you’re pretty sure are actually the reason so many small pets have gone missing in your neighborhood
  3. Quite possibly the ugliest thing you’ve ever had to look at, save the pager cozy Aunt Edna knitted for you for your last birthday
  4. All of the above?

If this sounds like you, it’s probably time to consider an overhaul of your yard. Even the simplest changes, like a new lawn, trimmed trees, and a few low-maintenance flowers planted around the perimeter make a huge difference in the beauty (and safety!) of your yard. Good-N-Green is your source for green landscaping and is the best Florida landscaper. When you’re looking for tree planting or lawn maintenance in Port Charlotte, FL, call Good-N-Green.

Lawn Maintenance

If your lawn is overrun by weeds, you can start by pulling the larger ones out by the roots to ensure they don’t just sprout new leaves and stems. For the smaller ones that aren’t easy to pull, you can have us spray for weeds with our specialized weed killer.

Don’t have time to mow? Our lawn mowing service can come by your place to give your grass a nice trim and edge on a regular basis.

Tree Care

Your trees provide much-needed shade from the blazing Florida sun, but this is one case where too much of something isn’t a good thing. If your tree branches are too low or encroaching into the neighbor’s yard, we can send our team out to groom them accordingly. Bushes are also no problem for Good-N-Green. We’ll keep them trimmed so they look healthy and pretty.


Mulch keeps the critters out of your garden, depending on how fragrant it is. It also reduces soil erosion, keeps moisture in the soil, and reduces weeds (which can compete with the plants you do want to be there). Mulch is an attractive and beneficial landscaping design element that we can install for you.

Let the designers at Good-N-Green take a whack at your yard. Contact us today!