Common Florida Grasses

St. Augustine grass


St. Augustine grass, is favored in warm, humid climates for its ability to tolerate shade and salt.

Typicaly grown from sod, plugs, or sprigs, St. Augustine grass produces a dense blue-green turf that has good shade and salt tolerance.  It is highly popular in Florida.      

Zoysia grass

Zoysia grass provides one of the most uniform and dense lawns possible, but it has a higher maintenance requirement.

Popular on the golf course, Zoysia grass is a plush, slow-growing turf.  It may take two years to establish but, you will end up with a lawn that weeds can rarely penetrate.  Deep-rooted it does not mind heat or drought, although it does need regular watering.  Zoysia grass also copes well with salt spray, pests, diseases, and some shade.      

Bermuda grass

Bermuda grass is good for sunny Florida especially in high traffic areas, but it is extremely invasive and requires edging.

One of the most widely used warm season grasses; Bermuda grass thrives on numerous soil types, even salty soils.  With a deep root system, it takes sun, heat, and dry conditions in stride, and forms a strong, erosion-resistant sod.   Bermuda grass quickly fills in damaged areas with its fine, low growth.  New hybrids, some growing from seed, show improved color, texture, disease resistance, and cold tolerance. They cost less to maintain and establish quickly.         

Bahia grass

A favorite  for low-maintenance home lawns, Bahia grass grows from seed in an open growth habit to form an apple green lawn.  Bahia grass started as a pasture grass on infertile, sandy soils, so it has a strong root system to withstand our dry season.  It also forms a durable wear-resistant sod, and is relatively pest-free.   

Carpet grass

Carpet grass typically considered a nuisance will grow where few others can, including shade and bog.  Carpet grass spreads by creeping stolons, and can be grown from seed.  Not high-quality, but Carpet grass does provide an option  for boggy sites in warm climates.

I hope this has helped you either to identify what your yard is or what you might consider for your new lawn. Good N Green can help with a free consultation and regular lawn service.

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